Gardens, windows, cabinets and purge.

Hey guys. Checking in with a little update. The past week or so has been sooo rainy that we’re debating building a boat and turning the backyard into a rice field. It retains water….too well.

Anyway we’ve been busy just truckin’ along on improvements. We built some raised garden beds with the old shiplap, finished the fronts, drawers and handles for the kitchen, started on drawers for Zoey’s desk, have window sills started, and went through another round of purging. #minimalists Our goal is to only own just exactly what’s necessary and not much more. Tools are one of the Mr.’s necessary items. 😉

Here’s a few photos from some of the updates and just around the house.





Our neighbor friend Bucky.








Rosewood Progress

Hello! It’s been a while. We’ve had our noses to the grindstone working on the house mixed with a lot of traveling. But finally an update! Here’s what we’ve done.

Built and installed the bedroom closet drawers. It’s nice having clothes in a closet instead of on a bookshelf.

We started adding trim and framing in the doors. But as far as actual doors, those will be one of the last things we do.

There were these ugly, rusted, very crooked clothesline posts in the backyard that were simply an eyesore. Our best friend Rick hooked us up with a jack hammer to started busting those out. It turned into quite the endeavor because whoever installed those things really, really liked cement. As in they cut a solid ft. down into the concrete to get the posts out and there was still another 2ft to go. We left those bits there.

The fence is fixed!! After talking with the neighbor and them agreeing to split the cost, we figured it would be cheaper to rebuild it ourselves. So we did! John worked tirelessly removing and then resetting the posts in concrete and installing the fence, along with help from the neighbors. And Rick! Have I mentioned how much we owe to Rick for all his help. Serious best friend right there.

More tile. 🙂 It will be done eventually. For now, at my height if I don’t look up it looks finished to me. So I’m good. lol.

After building the closets as practice, John built the skeletons for the kitchen cabinets! They’ve been assembled and installed in the kitchen. Now to build the drawers, finishing installing the drop-in sink, and install the countertop. You guys, I’m so excited to be able to cook again.

Well that’s the latest update on the house. Enjoy this short vid of the work.

Removing the Old Pipes

Hey guys! Long time no see… We’ve been super busy at the house and quite frankly forgotten to update this space. But oh boy! There are some updates to see.

For one, we’ve removed most if not all of the old pipes in the house. If you are here looking for advice on how to fix your house I highly recommend that you hire a licensed plumber to help with this process. The Mr. has a good friend that’s helping us not only make sure we’re following proper codes on where the pipes are installed and that everything drains well, but also has the right tools.

There is one in particular that was very handy in breaking the giant iron pipe for the bathroom. I can’t remember the name of it but if you look in the photos it’s a chain with a lock that cranks down to crack the pipe so you can then bust it with a heavy hammer. More modern houses may have PVC piping which eliminates the need for this tool. Below is a photo of the exposed plumbing that we had to dig out, cut out and/or prep to be reconnected to the new pipes.

ExposedUnderHousePlumbing RemovingOldHousePlumbing

While these guys were doing that important stuff I was in the kitchen smashing the counter to pieces and getting scared by the creepy crawlings in the wall. It may or may not have involved me screaming exceedingly louder each time. Haha. The guys probably thought I was just going a little crazy.

The carnage in the yard. And folks, please listen when I say don’t do this by yourself or without a professional. These are heavy and are not to be underestimated.

My mess.

The tankless toilet pre-install.

This was a very, very big day as far as progress is concerned. We cleaned out the old and got another day to add things, instead of just demo.

I’ll be back with another post because there was something else in the kitchen and a lesson to be learned there. 😉


House Demo Day 2

We absolutely love getting help from friends. Using the excitement and momentum from the start of this big project we had a second demo day the next weekend. A lot more boards came down and were hauled off to the garage. Whoever originally built the house used so many nails in the boards that the garage is looking like a scene from Final Destination ( or so I would guess because I haven’t watched those movies). We’ve begun remedying that situation but more on that later.


The house demolition for this day also included busting the tile in the bathroom. Jeremy and Kristen were our fearless tile crushers. There is now a gaping hole revealing the shower pipe and the master bathroom. We didn’t think ahead about the fact we now have a less than private bathroom for people to use while they’re working. Oops.

DemoDay2_FrontBedroom2 DemoDay2_DominoesPizza

Another visible milestone was having half the kitchen counter removed! And so many cockroaches came out! ick ick ick. (The house will be RAIDed ASAP.) You may have noticed that it cut the room in half and created an odd path through the house. No more! But we do have to be aware of the hole just behind the backdoor where we can see down into the crawlspace. That’s also new.

DemoDay2_KitchenCounterRemoved DemoDay2_KitchenFloor

And this demo day had a special guest! Waffles the corgi came by to keep us smiling in the cold and offer lots of playtime (read wanted distraction). He was just too cute not to play with especially when he kept running off with bits of wallpaper. The house wasn’t going anywhere so of course we played. (Thank you Scott & Liz!)

DemoDay2_WafflesTheCorgi2 DemoDay2_WafflesTheCorgi

We seriously have the greatest friends for coming to help with this epic project. Hopefully the endless supply of pizza and our endless thanks is enough to keep them happy. And definitely future hangouts when the house is all finished. Looking forward to that for sure.


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It might help seeing how things have progressed by going back and seeing the Before Photos, and House Demo Day 1.