Gardens, windows, cabinets and purge.

Hey guys. Checking in with a little update. The past week or so has been sooo rainy that we’re debating building a boat and turning the backyard into a rice field. It retains water….too well.

Anyway we’ve been busy just truckin’ along on improvements. We built some raised garden beds with the old shiplap, finished the fronts, drawers and handles for the kitchen, started on drawers for Zoey’s desk, have window sills started, and went through another round of purging. #minimalists Our goal is to only own just exactly what’s necessary and not much more. Tools are one of the Mr.’s necessary items. 😉

Here’s a few photos from some of the updates and just around the house.





Our neighbor friend Bucky.








Color Theme

After two apartments that I only half decorated I’m stoked to style our house completely from scratch. When it comes to decorating a home for two it’s important that we’re on the same page and agreed on the style we’re working towards. Luckily, John knows how much I love doing this as a designer so he’s handed over the control of the colors. To keep our decor purchases on track I gathered our home inspiration and created a moodboard as well as color palette to use when we’re out buying things for the house. Or online. We buy LOTS of things online. Thank you Amazon Prime!

Here’s the moodboard that we’re using to inspire our choices. There’s a few more images we’re using also with a little more structure/geometry. Leaning towards a modern minimalist style with hints of respect to the 1920s origin of the house. Textured whites with an overall neutral tone with subtle color, lots of natural wood elements and geometric accents here and there. Basically, I’m hoping to style it a little Kinfolk-y.

Rosewood-MoodboardThe Primary colors are what we’ll use for the majority of the large pieces. Mostly white of course but with hints of the others. Then the secondary colors will influence very very small aspects of items.