Gardens, windows, cabinets and purge.

Hey guys. Checking in with a little update. The past week or so has been sooo rainy that we’re debating building a boat and turning the backyard into a rice field. It retains water….too well.

Anyway we’ve been busy just truckin’ along on improvements. We built some raised garden beds with the old shiplap, finished the fronts, drawers and handles for the kitchen, started on drawers for Zoey’s desk, have window sills started, and went through another round of purging. #minimalists Our goal is to only own just exactly what’s necessary and not much more. Tools are one of the Mr.’s necessary items. 😉

Here’s a few photos from some of the updates and just around the house.





Our neighbor friend Bucky.








Bamboo Flooring & Love at First Flush

Flooring! John and I went to Floor & Decor and picked up most of their stock of Bamboo Flooring. This is going in throughout the entire house. Even the bathroom! As we install the flooring we’re putting a layer of tar paper underneath as our water barrier layer.
• The bathroom is mostly done and running. Sink and toilet are installed and Hooray! no leaks from the plumbing we installed in the walls. The shower is tiled half-way up the wall with our wonderful marble and glass tile so that it’s useable. And again Hooray! no plumbing leaks. There was a brief moment of panic when we were getting it ready but it was just a quirk of the water heater we installed. More on that later. And there’s a mirror installed a bit differently than you’ve probably seen before (another post on this later too.)
• John’s washer and dryer were moved in with only the washer hooked up. We’re waiting to get the dryer prepped because it involves cutting a hole through the floor. Which will be better to do with the flooring installed to cut in one go instead of trying to line everything up. We just disconnected them again though because it’s time to floor the clothes area!