Building Rosewood- Before

We’ve already had many friends come help with the demolition of the house and in the first day it already felt like a different house. When everyone arrived we’d already started knocking holes in the walls so no one really saw the true Before look of Rosewood.

Thank goodness for cameras! We captured it all. There’s some big ideas planned for Rosewood so having before photos were a must.

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With these photos the house looks pretty fantastic. And it really wasn’t too bad. But the layout was odd with a weird pseudo hallway that cause three doors to become a tetris puzzle. Then you can see the weird laundry area and rotted floor. Under the white paint, lies some fascinating history to say the least.

Check back for Before photos of the garage and back yard. Then some updates of the last two demo days.



Welcome to Building Rosewood. A blog about the adventures of purchasing a house for the first time and the journey to fix it up! We’ll be posting updates on the house as changes occur as well as share a few How-to projects along the way.

Are you excited?! We are!

Here we go!