Rosewood Progress

Hello! It’s been a while. We’ve had our noses to the grindstone working on the house mixed with a lot of traveling. But finally an update! Here’s what we’ve done.

Built and installed the bedroom closet drawers. It’s nice having clothes in a closet instead of on a bookshelf.

We started adding trim and framing in the doors. But as far as actual doors, those will be one of the last things we do.

There were these ugly, rusted, very crooked clothesline posts in the backyard that were simply an eyesore. Our best friend Rick hooked us up with a jack hammer to started busting those out. It turned into quite the endeavor because whoever installed those things really, really liked cement. As in they cut a solid ft. down into the concrete to get the posts out and there was still another 2ft to go. We left those bits there.

The fence is fixed!! After talking with the neighbor and them agreeing to split the cost, we figured it would be cheaper to rebuild it ourselves. So we did! John worked tirelessly removing and then resetting the posts in concrete and installing the fence, along with help from the neighbors. And Rick! Have I mentioned how much we owe to Rick for all his help. Serious best friend right there.

More tile. 🙂 It will be done eventually. For now, at my height if I don’t look up it looks finished to me. So I’m good. lol.

After building the closets as practice, John built the skeletons for the kitchen cabinets! They’ve been assembled and installed in the kitchen. Now to build the drawers, finishing installing the drop-in sink, and install the countertop. You guys, I’m so excited to be able to cook again.

Well that’s the latest update on the house. Enjoy this short vid of the work.


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