Painting & Flooring Update

Hey guys! Long time no see… Since we last updated there’s been a lot of progress. More than I realized you guys were missing out on. So here we go again with a bullet list update some photos and videos!

Here’s Video 2 with some of the below updates included. Check back soon for Video 3 with the rest of the June/July updates. Be sure to click on the little gadget wheel on the lower right and watch it at 720p. It might take a minute to load but it’s so worth the wait to watch it without grain.

• The walls got a nice skim coat to make everything even.
• The walls and ceilings got a solid primer coat followed by fresh white paint. We went with HGTV Home color series by Sherwin-Williams from Lowe’s and used Snowbound. In the past 2 months since we painted we’ve spotted a few areas we missed so we still have some touch up painting to do. But that’s what happens when you only have minimal natural light to work by.
• The floor insulation has been installed thanks to a pack of friends spending the day with us making ‘snow’. If you’ve ever cut the styrofoam packaging from a box then you know what I’m talking about.
• As the floor insulation was going in we were also following along and placing new plywood subfloor on top.

In case you missed it, here’s the last video update.

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