Giant Massive Update

The Mr. has been working incredibly hard on the house everyday and then we’re so lucky to have help on the weekends, that there is just too much to update. So we’re going short and sweet bullet point style with a TON of photos in the gallery for you to peruse through. We’re officially in the building stage (YAY no more demo!) and we want to get you all caught up to the current state of the house. So here goes…

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• We got all new siding, window and doors (that lock properly!).
• The massive piles of debris and stock pile of wood taking over the garage are gone. Thank you craigslisters!
• We’ve got grass growing finally and quite beautifully in the front.
• We secured the ceiling and removed all the old walls.
• Just about finished removing and vacuuming ALL of the dust, trash and misc debris in the attic.
• Have the roof/ceiling all supported and any weak roof beamed have been sistered.
• Plumbing is finished. So the shower, washer, sinks and toilet are all ready to be put in when the time comes.
• The subfloor is basically prepped to have flooring put in. We’ll be insulating the floor, topping with plywood then the final flooring.
• We’ve put in 90% of the insulation.
• There’s drywall in the bathroom ready to be waterproofed and mudded (that’s properly not the proper construction term).
• 90% of the wires have been set up under the house and are ready to be hooked up to their boxes.
• We moved the breaker box! It’s no longer floating in the middle of the house.

So this weekend we’re going to be jam packing our time and energy into the house to make all the final fixes needed before the whole interior gets drywal installed. Drywall folks! We’re at the drywall stage! I’m totally not excited about this. 😉


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