Demo Day: Working with Lizards


Oh the bathroom. This is by far the biggest and most important project for us. Because it’s the most vital to have finished when we move in. So this day was definitely exciting when we got to officially remove the toilet! You can see J scraping the goo that seals it to the floor to check that we can pull up the flooring and not take out plumbing with it on accident.

ScrapingToiletSeal RemovedToilet

Once that was done we pulled up the flooring. As we pulled that up we discovered the subfloor would have to be removed with it. This actually proved to be in our benefit because we made a discovery. The beams under the floor were rotting out. Meaning they could one day potentially cave and we’d have a huge problem on our hands. Finding it now while we’re doing construction was definitely a blessing in disguise.

WoodRot ExposedSubFloor

In these photos you can see where they had previously added a new board and supported the rotting ones with a second board. This process is calling sistering. To make thing better long term we planned to completely cut out the rotted sections and replace with new treated beams. Having the crawlspace exposed also came in handy later when we worked on removing all those old pipes too. But that is another post.

You might be wondering about the title of this post. Working with Lizards. What could that mean? Part of the process of removing the flooring and prepping those floor beams required removing more shiplap from the walls for better access. As we were doing that we had a few frights when lizards would zip out of their sleeping places in the walls. By a few I mean 7 throughout the day. We really don’t mind the lizards because we can use all help in eliminating the dinosaur cockroaches but when a camouflaged thing moves where you’re working your body reacts before your mind can understand what it’s seeing. They kept us awake that’s for sure.

FirstLizard FoundLizard

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