Demo Day: Digging and More Bathroom Stuff

We had a beautiful sunny warm day on Jan. 3 for our first group demo day of the year. We had just a few friends make it out for a very productive day.

Our buddy Jacob knocked out all that was left in the bathroom getting us set for the next phase of prepping the plumbing.

BedroomandBathroom JacobDemoBathroom AtticandBathroom

While that was going on the rest of the guys worked on our new beam that was installed in the attic to support the ceiling as we take more walls out.


We also had just purchased some new garden tools and I’ve been anxious to get started on that. So I took advantage of the warm sunshine and tackled removing a bush in the front. It turned out to be a beastly thing with very deep, woody roots and required a saw to get the bulk of it out. The photo doesn’t give it justice into how much work it took to remove. The soil here is compacted and cement like with plenty of large rocks mixed in too.


Taking a break from that I switched to the other side of the stairs and planted some paperwhites and allium. I can’t wait to see them blooming soon.



More stacks of magazines found in the attic. It’s been neat to see what gets left behind in a house and what they tell you about previous tenants.CarMagazines DiningRoom GuttedBathroom LivingRoom_tacos KitchenView

The nail collecting continues. We transition all the cups to a big bucket and we’ve already half filled this 5 gallon one.



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