Demo Day: Bathroom

Well friends, it finally happened. After having made a number of holes in the walls and removing the tile, the entire bathroom was demolished. Well for this post it was completely gutted and most of the boards removed. But it’s current state (not pictured) is that the bathroom is GONE.

So back to the status of the bathroom according to the photos… On this day we moved the tub out, removed the sink, and carried out the toilet. Many of the walls were already gone but we tried to take a few more out with our last bits of the days energy.

Bathroom_BeforeRemovalHere’s the Before picture. Where we still had the plastic sheets up to try and keep it semi private if needed.






The tub was removed via the hole into the front bedroom that just so happened to fit it’s width perfectly. From the looks of the wood that had been placed underneath it was a semi new addition so that’s probably why the hole was there in the first place.RemovingTub LonelyToiletRemovedSink_CounterHere’s the sink in the Master Bedroom just hanging out for now. It will be stashed in the garage once we’ve cleaned that place out to fit more trash. Bathtub_inthebedroom

And the tub is now in the front bedroom and has become a place to store chopped wood. Again, a temporary solution until we do more cleanup in the garage. Luckily we’ve figured out a few solutions for getting more trash moved out other than the once a week pickup of our normal trash service. More on that later.



Here’s the pipe that remains in the wall until we have time to cut it out. LonelyToilet

All that was left was the lonely toilet. We weren’t able to remove it on this visit because we still needed to turn the water off to the toilet. Sooo it was technically still a useable bathroom. It just required asking everyone to stop their work and go outside. 🙂






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