Demo Day: Removing Bathroom Tile


Have you ever been frustrated with a project that you just wanted to smash to pieces? Maybe a printer that just wouldn’t work or even just day to day stress that needed to be directed somewhere? Then I highly recommend removing tile. It’s affixed with concrete if you didn’t know, which requires some major smashing.

But be warned it makes a mess.

We got super lucky in that we found a way to remove the tile without too much bashing. We had removed all the shiplap from the front room leaving the hidden backside of the bathroom wall exposed. AKA we could see all the nails and hammer them out before attempting to remove the drywall and tile.

In one of the photos below you can see a grey square in the wall. That’s where we exposed the concrete side of the tile allow us to push/pull the entire piece off the wall in one go. And boy was that thing heavy. After removing the side piece, the back wall that partially surrounded the window was also able to be pried off. It helped that the tub at that point was unattached to anything at this point too.

Just you wait till the next few posts. The bathroom is gone. As in gone, gone. It’s really exciting.

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