The Night Demo


The demo days are starting to run together. Each time we make significant progress but it’s technically still the same work so they are hard to distinguish as different events in my head. Anyway. This demo day wasn’t a big group demo day but a night visit to the house to make progress. There was some traveling on the calendar and we wanted to make sure we worked a bit before we left.

This night we removed a few more boards from the master bedroom wall adjoining the bathroom. It was dark and maybe a little tough to work in minimal light but do-able. Fun story though. We found a friend in the wall. Well, what’s left of him. We found a full skeleton nestled into it’s home in the wall. For the rest of the night I had to make sure I didn’t overthink how big it could have been when it was alive or question the possibility of others. EEK!

We also found a few random pipes in the wall that as far as we can tell don’t attach to anything. Or they were an excessive amount of pipe added to allow air to escape while the water drains. Either way, a curious discovery.

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