House Demo Day 2

We absolutely love getting help from friends. Using the excitement and momentum from the start of this big project we had a second demo day the next weekend. A lot more boards came down and were hauled off to the garage. Whoever originally built the house used so many nails in the boards that the garage is looking like a scene from Final Destination ( or so I would guess because I haven’t watched those movies). We’ve begun remedying that situation but more on that later.


The house demolition for this day also included busting the tile in the bathroom. Jeremy and Kristen were our fearless tile crushers. There is now a gaping hole revealing the shower pipe and the master bathroom. We didn’t think ahead about the fact we now have a less than private bathroom for people to use while they’re working. Oops.

DemoDay2_FrontBedroom2 DemoDay2_DominoesPizza

Another visible milestone was having half the kitchen counter removed! And so many cockroaches came out! ick ick ick. (The house will be RAIDed ASAP.) You may have noticed that it cut the room in half and created an odd path through the house. No more! But we do have to be aware of the hole just behind the backdoor where we can see down into the crawlspace. That’s also new.

DemoDay2_KitchenCounterRemoved DemoDay2_KitchenFloor

And this demo day had a special guest! Waffles the corgi came by to keep us smiling in the cold and offer lots of playtime (read wanted distraction). He was just too cute not to play with especially when he kept running off with bits of wallpaper. The house wasn’t going anywhere so of course we played. (Thank you Scott & Liz!)

DemoDay2_WafflesTheCorgi2 DemoDay2_WafflesTheCorgi

We seriously have the greatest friends for coming to help with this epic project. Hopefully the endless supply of pizza and our endless thanks is enough to keep them happy. And definitely future hangouts when the house is all finished. Looking forward to that for sure.


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It might help seeing how things have progressed by going back and seeing the Before Photos, and House Demo Day 1.



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