House Demo Day 1



The first demo day was a fantastic success! We had 7 friends stop by throughout the day to help with gutting the house for a few hours each. It may not seem like much but that meant we accomplished 3.5 times more than if it had been just the two of us. Our friends are the best!

Fueled by Einstein Bros Bagels in the morning and Dominoes Pizza and Lonestar in the afternoon we tore out drywall and mostly eliminated one whole wall between the living and dining rooms.

Because this is an old home, as in built in the 1920s, we discovered a quirk with the walls. Under the drywall was shiplap wood adding a bit more work to the demo process. Other than having way too many nails in them it will be fanstatic wood for future projects like garden beds or a dog house. 🙂

FrontBed Dining_Panorama1

Then we discovered that there is no insulation in the house. Some of the wood has termite damage, but no termites thankfully, and the electrical had been updated but rather poorly so the breaker box is a sketchy game of guess which light/outlit is connected.

Then there was the charm of finding some old education books from the 1950s.


All in all, a satisfying day of progress. Check out more photos from the first day of demolition below.

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*This is not a sponsored post. If you’d like to sponsor the blog or donate to the project, food, tools, time, please contact us!


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